MAMo O’ahu 2017 at Hawai’i Theatre

2017 has been a blessing with fashion shows, traveling, sharing, the best part is making lifelong friendships.

Each moment meaningful and valuable.

We started off with Pa’i Foundation who accepted PoMahina into their MAMo Wearable Arts Fashion Show on O’ahu and on Maui. Our focus was Ku & Hina, the elemental facets of balance. The beat of the ‘ie kuku upon the kua la’au resonated the space along with the vibrations of our ancestors and the graceful voices of our people.

MAMo Maui at Maui Arts & Cultural Cen

The excitement didn’t end there, PoMahina was in various magazines and media across the world, from Europe to Samoa to New Zealand.

By the end of the summer and into Fashion Week, you could find this Molokai gal, in ‘Otara at the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show in Aotearoa. Where we were blessed to be among our Polynesian cousins and share our designs and our essence.

Tevai in Fitness Fashion with PoMahina Designs.

Tahiti was on the last of fun places to see and experience. It was a great way to end the year with a photo shoot and meeting amazing people.

Pacific Fusion Fashion Show – Otara, Aotearoa

As we close the end of 2017  with Aloha beyond words, there are so many people I need to recognize and thank. I know for a fact I could not have done anything without a solid team of great leaders and people with amazing hearts. I am indebted with aloha! I also need to acknowledge my kupuna and those that watch over me from po, for wit

Tahiti – Papa’ete 2017

hout them non of this would even be thought of. Last but not least, I want to mahalo my keiki, who have watched mom come and go, work day in and day out and who have been supportive and patient. They have showed strength, love and value that I could never have shown or even understood at their age. I love my family very much and I am grateful!


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