Launch of our NEW Website

We are so excited about a few things. First off PoMahina Designs went through a re-branding by updating the logo for a clean and clear look. The greatest part of this journey was the fact that those on our social media pages were able to vote on which logo appealed to them the most. There was a lot of awesome feedback and I was able to play and move things around with their suggestion until if felt right for what PoMahina is about.

It takes a community to drive and build PoMahina Designs.

From there came the building of our website. I know, I know, it was frustrating to deal with a catalog, an order form, or even to find me at events on your island. But you did it, you found me, you made your way. That’s what counts right? But i’m sure you’d love for it to be a little easier. We are so happy is here to help make your shopping experience a little easier.

But the journey is not quite done yet. As your designer, creator, marketer, salesperson, janitor, security….I can’t seem to catch up with the orders and demands. I’m still about 4 weeks behind and will need to look into recruiting help!

The struggle is REAL!

I appreciate your patience, loyalty and your constant aloha and I know you understand. Just know you have pieces that are not saturated by the islands, that you where some “few of a kind” design and garments and you’e so worthy and beautiful!!! Mahalo gang! Go check out the site!

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