PoMahina Designs

MAMo Wearable Arts Show  2017


Designer, Kanoelani Davis 2018










Kanoelani Davis
Native Hawaiian Owner / Creative Designer

Davis is a true kama a Hina (child of the goddess Hina), a Native woman of Molokai, whose roots extend back for generations. She is a lifelong cultural practitioner and torchbearer for the survival of many Hawaiian art forms. It is her way of life and in many instances it does not separate from her being. Her dedication to culture, advocacy for cultural awareness, and love for design have been woven together and manifests in the patterns that adorn the wearable art of PōMahina Designs.

Kanoelani views PōMahina Designs as an essence imbued with culture, tradition & aloha, while being infused in contemporary fashion.

We Are PōMahina Designs. #MODERNMAOLI


PōMahina – a clear and bright moon, whether seen or unseen, she encompasses the night sky from horizon to horizon bringing energy that is shared with the world.

Maoli – Native, indigenous, aborigine, genuine, true, real…