MAMo Wearable Arts Show – Hawai’i Theatre 2016

The Maoli Arts Movement / MAMo Wearable Arts Show 2016 was held at the prestigious Hawai’i Theater. PoMahina Designs was asked to team up with lead artist Lufi Luteru of Pawehi Creations and co-artist Tara Gumapac on the runway.

At the time, PoMahina’s main pieces were these beautiful, flowy chiffon scarves. So how was i to make scarves look even close to fashion runway ready? I decided to add a bit of everything that i knew how to do from the skills and training I learned growing up. This year’s theme for Lufi was the Hawaiian Creation Chant, Kumulipo and focusing on the wa ‘elua (2nd era) where the things of the ocean started to develop and grow.

I was very fortunate that part of my hula training while growing up was in costuming, I also learned how to work with kaula. So I took the two and created 24 pieces for the runway.

Loretta Ritte

My thoughts

It was just as important to develop a beautiful fashion piece, fit for the theme, as it was to find amazing people to where them. I wanted to show progression of age and so I was fortunate to utilize some of my art students from middle school to revered kupuna in our community.

This was definitely a very challenging project at hand. By far, I would have never thought I would even be at this point, or even that I could accomplish something this great.


Me, a single mother of four, a business owner who lives on her own and someone who started everything from savings and scratch.

I was very fortunate to have a lot of support both, moral and physical support to make this dream come true. Lee Motts of Doc Motts Signs, as well as, Keone Chin of Hilo, Hawai’i were the biggest pillars in believing and investing in me. They shared both time and money when times were hard and I was short. I will forever be grateful and appreciative for their bountiful and endless aloha.



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