MAMo Wearable Arts – Maui Arts & Cultural Center 2017

MAMO Wearable Arts Show MAUI meets MOLOKAI’s PoMahina Designs

Ku | Hina Collection – MAMo Maui 2017


Maui poses it’s own strong and powerful mana, the people we met were awe inspiring. We were very fortunate to have volunteers come in from all over and we are especially grateful to¬†Iolani KahikinuiMaui Hawaiiki of Na Hawaiiki Productions. He helped us gather models, makeup artists and hair. I am very blessed to have been introduced to him by one of our models mothers who works with him on Maui doing pagents. You can find him by name on facebook for more information



It takes a village…..I tell myself that constantly. This group, who many I met for the first time ever, was a part of a great process and they were willing and patient with me. Something that touched by heart after our set was over, and of course when i could finally breathe, one of woman models came up to me, she had shared that she never thought she would have had such an experience as this in her life. You see, she was 400 lbs at one point and had lost a tremendous amount of weight. I cried silently, not because be I felt good on the inside because I though I did some thing good, but she had no idea that inside of me, I never thought I would be blessed to do these things in a million years or even blessed to have her beauty wear my clothing and grace a runway. She forever inspired me, I am honored.

If i could thank each individual by celebrating their aloha I would. I know that one day, if I were to hit it big, I’d celebrate with them all. To Kalani Lee-Kwai and Cody Matusda, mahalo for being pillars and organizers. To the Kauwila Hanchett and my kapa sister Mahealani and her kapa sisters, Mahalo for being the vibration and the heart beat of our set. I love all of you!!!

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